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Disability Statement 

The College Merthyr Tydfil is committed to providing an environment that promotes equality and inclusion for all students capable of succeeding on their chosen course. We welcome students with additional learning needs and endeavour to make every effort to identify and remove barriers to their learning. We refuse to tolerate discriminatory behaviour based on disability and aim to create equal opportunities for all students enabling them to achieve their very best. 

The Learning Coaches are available to deliver workshops and provide hints and tips to break down assignments, search for information and meet deadlines.  Learning Coaches can help with use of assistive technology and work as part of a whole setting approach to maximise the potential of all learners. Learning coaches are also available for small group or 1:1 support in these areas. 

Exam Support: 

A learner may be able to get extra support during exams – a learner should inform their tutor if they have been given exam access arrangements previously (arrangements awarded at school aren’t automatically given at college and may not be needed at college due to the differences in subjects).   

A tutor may feel that a learner needs access arrangements in exams because they are putting reasonable adjustments in place in the class (this is the learner's normal way of working). 

  1. Tutors should observe the learner’s normal way of working, for example are they taking longer to complete work, are they struggling with aspects of reading or is their handwriting very difficult to understand, can work be marked accurately? Are they using a laptop or computer rather than hand writing, do they have a health condition that means they need to take breaks? 
  2. When the tutor(s) has spent time observing this they should contact the ALNCo who will ask them to complete a normal way of working form before doing any assessments.   
  3. The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have strict deadlines when applying for arrangements.  Tutors need to contact the ALNCo (with evidence of the learner's normal way of working) at least 30 days before an exam to start the process for recommending access arrangements. Where additional rooms are required for an exam the division need to arrange this. 
  4. Following assessment the ALNCo will make recommendations to the awarding bodies and when these arrangements are confirmed by the awarding bodies.  Learning Coaches will support whenever possible (for example by acting as a reader), tutors should contact the ALNCo to arrange support 2 weeks before the exam.  
  5. Summer series exams - the process described above must be completed by the end of January. 

Access arrangements might be extra time, a separate room, access to a reader, a prompter, a scribe, use of a computer, or a combination of these or other recommendations. This supports all forms part of our Universal Learning Provision which is available to all learners. 

Additional Learning Provision (ALP) 

Universal support and high quality-first teaching is likely to meet the needs of all learners at college.  However, there will be some learners who will need provision that is different from or additional to that of their peers,, this provision is called Additional Learning Provision (ALP).   

Some examples of ALP:  

  • Enhanced Transition support  
  • Collaborative working with external agencies to ensure specific needs are met (for example health or social care) 
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs) working with the young person and others that support them.  
  • Specialist support, for example additional support for specific learning difficulties (led by some Learning Coaches with Level 7 qualifications as required)  
  • Targeted support from a Learning Coach working on identified areas of need, this support can also be overseen by a member of the team with a Level 7 qualification in a particular area where required. 

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