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Important update on the release of Centre Determined Grades 

Provisional Centre Determined Grades for the AS/A2, GCSE and Level 2 Childcare/Health and Care assessments undertaken this summer have been emailed out to all learners today, Monday 14th June.  Confirmed results for AS/A2 and the Skills Challenge Certificate will be released on Tuesday 10th August. GCSE and Level 2 Childcare / Health and Social Care results will be released on Thursday 12th August.  We would like to invite you in to college on these days to celebrate your achievements  with your fellow learners and tutors and we will be in touch with you shortly about the arrangements for these days.  


Next Steps

We are here to support you with your next steps whether that’s on to the next level of your course or progression onto University or employment. Please do take the opportunity to sign up and take part in our Future Pathways events and sessions taking place across this week. Further details are available here:


If you believe we have made an error in how we’ve determined your grade then you are able to appeal your provisional results.


How to make an appeal.

  1. Ask to see your decision making record

To request this, you need to email within 48 hours of receiving your Centre Determined Grades. Please note that the absolute deadline for submitting this request will be Friday 18th June to accommodate any learners who have been unable to access your email and have had to wait to receive a copy of your grades through your recorded letter.


  1. Request a review

If, after seeing your decision making record, you still wish to appeal. Please complete the ‘request a review form’ here.

On this form, you need to include the reason why you think there has been an error with your provisional grade.  Please note that this form needs to be completed within 5 working days of you receiving your Decision making record and by no later than Friday 25th June.


  1. The college will appoint an investigating officer who is independent of the CDG process to investigate your appeal application. If an error is identified, the outcome may be that the provisional grade will stay the same, go down or go up. If an error is identified, it may not necessarily result in a change of grade as the error may not be sufficient to change the grade.

If the review results in a change of grade, we will inform WJEC and they will correct the grade.

We will inform you in writing of our decision following a review. The following information will be included:

  • Whether or not there was an error
  • A reason for the decision
  • Whether there was a grade change, and if so, what the new grade is
  • A reason for the grade change or lack of change
  • Information of next steps if you wish to escalate the appeal to stage 2 – an appeal to WJEC


Stage 2: Appeal to the WJEC

You will receive your final grades on the designated results days – Tuesday 10th August for AS/A2 qualifications or Thursday 12th August for GCSE and Level 2 Childcare / Health and Social Care


If you still think there is an error in your grade, you can consider whether to submit an appeal to the WJEC. Further details on this can be found here: This appeal can only be submitted to WJEC after results day. Please also note that the outcome of your appeal could mean your grade stays the same, or it could go up, or it could go down.


If you would like any additional information or clarification on the above, we will be running a number of advice and guidance sessions across the week. To book on to one of these sessions, please use the links below:

Tuesday 15th June at 9am – Next steps after your Centre Determined Grades and appeals process, help and guidance – virtual - BOOK HERE

Wednesday 16th June at 9am – Appeals process, help and guidance - virtual - BOOK HERE


In addition, our admissions and learner support teams will be on hand throughout the week to provide you with any help, support and guidance you require on your next steps.


Finally, if you are a year 2 learner leaving us to go off to university or employment, don’t forget to sign up as an alumni of the college here:

Good Luck and we wish you the very best for the next step of your educational and career journey!

Key information 

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