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The WJEC A Level Mathematics course is well established at the college and has a history of outstanding results. You will need to have completed a one year course in accelerated A Level maths before you commence.

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Minimum of 8 A* to C grades including a minimum of an A in GCSE Mathematics.

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The one year accelerated course course covers a range of Mathematical themes. Some of this content includes Mathematical Induction, Complex Numbers, Matrices, De Moivre`s Theorem , advanced Calculus Mechanics and Statistics. This course provides a comprehensive framework for further study of Mathematics or related subjects at university.

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Mathematics and Further Mathematics are versatile qualifications, well-respected by employers and are both “facilitating” subjects for entry to higher education. Careers for men and women with good mathematics skills and qualifications are not only well paid, but they are also often interesting and rewarding. People who have studied mathematics are in the fortunate position of having an excellent choice of career. Whilst the number of young people studying A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics is increasing there is still a huge demand from science, engineering and manufacturing employers


04 Medi 2023 - 31 Gorffennaf 2024

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