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WJEC A2 Level Biology Yr2 FT

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A Level Biology is a fascinating and varied subject to study. The wide ranging topics take you from cell biology, microbiology and disease to physiology of plant and animals and environmental science. A level biology is essential for those learners interested in a career in medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy as well as other allied health professions and biosciences. The Bioscience field encompasses a wide range of careers from conservation right through to biomedical science and genetic. By studying Biology you are on a stepping stone into an exciting and rewarding future. You could work in the cutting-edge fields such as biotechnologyand genetic engineering, wildlife conservation, biomedical science and public health. Never has biology been more relevant to our daily lives as in these times of covid-19.

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Minimum of 5 GCSE’s Grades A-C including at least a B grade in both Mathematics and English, BB in double award science or BBB triple science.

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In biology you will learn about the virus life cycle and how our immune system works to fight them as well as how human impact on the environment can make crossover between human and animal diseases more likely. Biology is a challenging, stimulating and exciting subject to study. 

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A-level biology is a fantastic subject to have, offering you access to a huge variety of fields in both university courses and careers. A-level biology is an interesting all-round subject and having A-level biology puts you in an extremely good position when you are applying to universities and/or jobs. The popular opinion from students at GCSE is that A-level biology is simply a science subject, with relevance only to the scientific world, however biology as a subject covers how everything in the natural world functions, from plant to human life, so biology has the utmost relevance to the world. As a result of these examples of biology being seen everywhere in life, A-level biology is an interesting and easy-to-understand subject that broadly covers a range of topics.


04 Medi 2023 - 31 Gorffennaf 2024

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