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Welsh Language Support and Opportunities

The college offers opportunities for students to study Welsh at a variety of levels, from basic, through to GCSE and A level Welsh.

Welsh medium provision at the college is currently increasing – the modules and courses you are able to study bilingually or through the medium of Welsh are increasing every term.

You don’t have to study through the medium of Welsh to benefit from Welsh medium services at the college. Our Welsh Language Officer - Lynwen Harrington is here to support and advise you and provide opportunities for you to: 

  • Attend 
  • Present your work through the medium of Welsh
  • Attend Welsh medium placements on your work experience
    Practice interview skills through the medium of Welsh
  • Be assisted with building a Welsh medium CV
  • Study Welsh as a second language during the evening
  • Complete your key skills in Welsh
  • Learn more about Wales and the Welsh language through your Welsh Baccalaureate.

Click here to see view more details on the college's Welsh Language Standards and Policies 

Welsh Club

Want to meet friends by using the language and arrange a variety of activities? Join the Welsh club.

The Welsh club meet to arrange Welsh medium and bilingual activities in the college including Diwrnod Shwmae, St Dwynwen’s Day, St Davids Day, Urdd Eisteddfod, National Eisteddfod and plenty more!

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The college work closely with:

  •  Canolfan Soar
  •  Welsh for Adults Glamorgan
  •  Menter Iaith Merthyr
  •  Urdd Gobaith Cymru


Practice Your Welsh

If you’re learning Welsh as a second language or want to practice your currently language skills, there is an informal coffee morning every fortnight for students. A great opportunity to speak Welsh over coffee.


Mathematics and Science

If you study mathematics or science and have had your education through the medium of Welsh until now – there is an opportunity for you to have sessions to switch between both languages easier.


Welsh Medium Courses

Cymraeg Ail Iaith/ Welsh Second Language

For further course details, please click here.


10 ways we support Welsh speakers and students who have previously studied in Welsh:

Study skills support sessions through the medium of Welsh including workshops, one-to-one, small groups and in class

Welsh medium placements and work experience

Subject specific study skills support before exams e.g. maths and science

Welsh medium enrichment activities

Welsh medium guest speakers

Bilingual glossaries and vocabulary

Welsh medium mock interviews and guidance to write CVs and cover letters

Bilingual staff on reception, student support, in the Learning Zone and to guide you through the UCAS process

Gain your essential or key skills bilingually or in Welsh

Opportunity to participate in Welsh cultural events


Don’t speak Welsh yet? 5 reasons to learn..

Gain access to another culture of rich literature and history that’s on your doorstep!

Being bilingual in itself is a skill, it will help develop listening, reading, speaking and writing in both languages

School leaving students will have studied Welsh to GCSE level – don’t get left behind!

Being bilingual shows that you are sympathetic to other cultures and traditions – vital if you want to travel or work abroad

Dream of working in the creative industries or public sector? Speaking Welsh is becoming a highly desired skill


For more information:
Contact Lynwen Harrington,Swyddog iaith/Safonau Cymraeg-Welsh Language/standards Officer .

Extension 6331 or look at our bilingual website!

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10 ways we support welsh speakers and students who have previously studied in Welsh

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