Students contribute their views on the outcomes of the Scottish Referendum


Six students from The College Merthyr Tydfil were invited to give their views on the outcomes of the Scottish Referendum as part of a BBC Wales Week in Week Out special ‘United We Stand?

The programme, which was aired on Wednesday 24th September at 22.35pm, examined what Scotland's momentous referendum vote really means for the people of Wales, focusing on how the decision could affect the level of funding Wales gets and where real power could lie in the future.

TV Presenter, Arwyn Jones (pictured above with the students) commented “The students were brilliant. They all had really well thought through ideas on the future of Wales and the impact that the ‘no vote’ will have on key areas such as finance, legislation and education”.

AS level Law student and budding politician, Jamie Scriven, was particularly keen to give his views on the impact of the ‘No’ vote. Jamie, who became Merthyr Tydfil’s first ever Youth Mayor at the age of 11 and is currently chair of the Merthyr Tydfil Youth Forum, believes that the decision to remain part of the UK will have a positive impact on Wales, particularly by encouraging the decision to let 16 and 17 year olds vote. Jamie also believes that the ‘No’ vote will inevitably provide an opportunity for further powers to be devolved to Wales in line with the increased powers being given to Scotland.

Lauren Davies, an AS Law and Business student at the college, also agrees with Jamie’s views stating that “staying together as the United Kingdom will enable us to remain a strong, robust and united entity which in turn will have a positive impact on the economy and financial sustainability of Wales”.

You can see the students give their views in more detail on the BBC Wales Week in Week Out programme on the following iplayer link

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