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A Level Travel and Toursim




Travel and tourism aims to help students understand the different elements which make up the tourism industry: customers, stakeholders, technology, destinations and host communities. Students will learn about the wider ethical, social and cultural dimensions of tourism, and they will understand its impact on the environment and the importance of sustainable development. The course is delivered by both Business Studies and Geography staff at the college.


Unit TT1 – Introducing Travel and Tourism 1 ½ hour written paper 10% (Business staff).

This unit will provide candidates with an introduction to travel and tourism and the travel and tourism industry. Students will need to learn about the nature of travel and tourism and how the terms can be defined. Students will also need to learn about and understand the major developments

in the industry since the mid-twentieth century, the sectors of the industry and their roles and their interdependence.

Students will need to be able to interpret statistical information about the travel and tourism industry. Additionally, students will need to study appropriate case studies of tourism destinations and travel and tourism organisations.

Unit TT 2 – Investigating Tourism Destinations Portfolio Assessment 15% (Geography staff).

This unit involves the ability to identify major tourist areas within the UK and Europe and the key features which appeal to different types of tourist. Students will need to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of travel for different types of customer. Many people working in the travel and tourism industry need to be familiar with the geography of Europe. It is important that they fully understand the types of tourist destination and where they are situated. For the UK and Europe the candidate will need to understand the features that attract different types of tourists to destinations.


Unit TT5 - Tourism Impacts and Tourism Developments – 2 hour written paper 10% (Geography staff).

Candidates will need to learn about the environmental, economic and socio-cultural impacts of tourism and the positive and negative impacts that tourism has on host destinations. Candidates will need to study a range of appropriate case studies taken from both the more developed and less developed world.

Candidates also need to learn about the process of tourism development, its objectives and its resulting impacts. Tourism development takes many forms and is carried out by a range of organisations, both commercial and non-commercial. These organisations are known as the agents of tourism development.

Candidates will also need to know about sustainable tourism, eco-tourism and responsible tourism.

Unit TT8 - Event management in travel and tourism – Portfolio assessment 15% (Business studies staff).

In this unit candidates will work as part of a team to plan and carry out a real travel and tourism project. The project involves organising either a travel excursion or a tourism event.

Teachers may give advice and ideas to candidates. Customers for the project must be real (not simulated), but may be from  within the college. The project requires candidates to use what they have learnt in many of the other units and allows candidates to develop and use the essential skills which are an integral part of the travel and tourism industry.

Candidates will learn about:

  • Business planning
  • Teamwork
  • Carrying out the project
  • Evaluating the project


5 GCSEs at grades A*-C, including English language.


Many students are offered places at university to study degree courses in geography, tourism or leisure.

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