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A level Teaching Quality

As parents we know that you will all want the very best for your children and will want to know about the quality of education and examination results for our subject areas – what your child can expect to achieve.

2013-2014 was the first year of operation for our brand new A level provision. We therefore only have AS results available at this point in time. Our first set of A2 results will be published in August 2015.  AS examinations are just the first half of an A level and typically are only used as an internal measure of progress towards final A2 qualifications.  That’s why you will not find any data published nationally on AS results. However, we feel it is important to share these results with you in order to help you make an informed choice about your children’s future -  but also to also demonstrate the open and transparent partnership that we must have with our students and with you as parents.

We achieved a number of outstanding results during our first year of operation. Our Applied Science students achieved 100% pass rate A-E and 65% pass rate A-C which was 15% above the UK average and 23% above the Merthyr Tydfil average. Other areas also achieving a 100% pass rate included:  Photography, Welsh, Drama and Theatre Studies, Film Studies, Government and Politics, Media and Religious Studies.

Not only that but many other subjects areas performed exceptionally well with, for example, Biology students achieving an 87% pass rate (3% above the UK and Merthyr Tydfil).

We are all now looking ahead to next year’s A2 results. In 2013 our A2 pass rate was 92%, Psychology was our stand out success with all of the students getting a C grade or better. We are expecting to exceed this standard for all our 2014 results.

How do we compare to other colleges and secondary schools?

In our first year as an A level centre we were delighted that our overall pass rate was as good as that at Coleg y Cymoedd in their first year of operation as an A level college.  

It is however difficult to compare ourselves directly with St John The Baptist until we have our first set of A2 results. However, it is worth noting the following extract from their 2014 Estyn report.

"Performance in the sixth form declined in the two years to 2013. In 2013, most pupils achieved the level 3 threshold but performance was lower than the average for the family and nationally. Whilst the performance of boys was comparable to that of boys in its family, locally and nationally the girls did less well than girls in the family, locally or nationally. The average points scored has also fallen and in 2013 was below the average for the family. Both boys and girls did less well than those in the family, locally and nationally. However, provisional data for 2014 suggests that performance improved."


How do we Compare to other secondary schools and colleges?

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