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Health and Social Care

A level Psychology


AS / A2




Psychology is an amazing and interesting subject which will allow students to understand explanations of human behaviour
There are various approaches to psychology and during the course we will study theories, behaviours, therapies and classic pieces of evidence.  Topics include; Schizophrenia, criminal behaviour, dream analysis, eye-witness testimony and the formation of romantic relationships Learners will also study research methods and issues and debates such as whether or not researchers should use animals in research. Classic evidence includes comparing the minds of killers with the mind of a control group and whether maternal relationships affect adolescent behaviour.

Psychology is one of the most popular A levels because it involves the study of human behaviour and it links with nearly all potential, future, careers (see below)

In the last series of formal examinations (Summer 2019) over 20 students achieved A or A* grades in A2 psychology.


100 % examination                                                     Year one:
Paper one: Theoretical approaches
Paper two: Research methods

Year two:
Paper three: Behaviours ( Schizophrenia, stress and criminal behaviour )
Paper four: Research methods


5 GCSEs at grades A* to C including a Grade B or above in English Language or
literature and a grade C is Mathematics is desirable.


Most students who study psychology progress to University level. Psychology links with nearly all potential careers
Many students with aspirations to pursue a career in medicine choose it as their fourth A level option as it demonstrates to admission teams that students will understand how to relate to future patients and their families. It also links to many other careers which include; Psychology, teaching, law and police sciences, human resources, management, counselling and business and marketing.

In 2020 two students have been invited to interview to read psychology at Cambridge University.


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Course Length:

2 Years

Course Levels:



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