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A Level Law




Do you like lively debate, focused argument, are comfortable with learning facts and writing essays? If the answer is “Yes” you will probably enjoy and succeed in studying A level law. Law has a major influence in our lives, it controls what we can and cannot do and in some cases what we can and cannot say.

Law is not just made at Parliament but is made locally, in Cardiff and in Europe but do we understand how it applies to us?

Studying law will provide you with an insight into the law making process, the decisions made in court, the people who work within the law, why people protest and influence the law, how sentencing and the courts work.

This is a rigorous and academic A level which will test your ability for remembering and applying legal facts, terminology, argument and recent developments. You will use this knowledge to write essays under exam conditions. A level Law is recognized by all UK universities as a demanding and rigorous A level and offers you access to a wide range of university degrees as well as Law degrees at the top universities including Oxford and Cambridge.


The nature of the subject requires regular updating of teaching resources to sustain current awareness of legal processes. Relevant and recent citation will be used to support legal reasoning and argument.

AS Law 50% of Course.

  • English Legal System (50)% of AS
  • Private Law: Tort (25%) of AS
  • Public Law: Criminal Law (25%) of AS
  • Assessed through two exams in May/June of 2017 at end of year 1.

A2 Law 50 % of Course.

  • Assessed through two exams in May/June of 2018 at end of year 2.
  • English Legal System (25%) of A2
  • Private Law: Tort (25%) of A2
  • Public Law: Criminal Law (25%) of A2
  • Public Law: Human Rights (25%) of A2 or :
  • Private Law: Contract (25%) of A2


The role of law in society, moral and ethical influences, how the law is made, how the law is interpreted in courts, how the law is reformed, influences of European law, civil and criminal law processes, legal personnel, access to justice.

The rules of law, negligence for injury, duty of care, trespass, employment liability, defences and remedies.

Fatal and non fatal offences against the person including assault, battery ABH, GBH, murder and manslaughter. Property offences including theft, robbery and burglary, defences.

European Court of Human Rights, European Convention of Human Rights, restrictions and enforcement of human rights law, reform of the protection of human rights.

Essential requirements of a contract, express and implied terms, misrepresentation, breach of contract and remedies.


You will be given essays to complete on a regular basis, these will be approximately 1000 words in length and will be based on an extended essay plan which will be discussed in class. Essays will be assessed and marked in accordance with WJEC criteria. Feedback on performance will be given. Students will discuss in class how to
achieve the A grade answer. Regular test practice and mock exams will take place to help you prepare for the exams in May 2017. This is a compulsory part of the course if you are to succeed in this subject.


All UK universities accept A level Law as part entry onto LLB (Law degree) courses. Many UK universities will offer students full WBQ offers alongside their A level Law, this includes some of the best universities in the UK including the “Russell Group” universities.

(The “Russel Group” universities are the top twenty universities in the UK.)

Pass rate for past students: 20% A*—A grades. 73% A—C grades (A—E is a pass at A level).

Additional tuition for LNATS to allow students entry to top UK universities for law.

  • Visits to court.
  • Guest speakers.
  • Visits to university lectures.


5 GCSEs grades A*- C, including a C grade or above in GCSE English.


A level Law is recognised by all UK universities as a demanding and rigorous A level and offers you access to a wide range of university degrees as well as Law degrees at the top universities including Oxford and Cambridge.


Activities for Applicants 

If you have applied or are in the process of applying for this course there are activities and links contained in our law PDF (Click below) will help you prior to commencing your studies in September  


Enrichment activities

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of enrichment activities

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Course Length:

2 Years

Course Levels:



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