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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about studying at the College Merthy Tydfil?  Why not read our Frequently Asked Questions to see if they provide the answers your'e Looking for:

Why should my son/daughter choose the College Merthyr Tydfil?

The College is a brand new state of the art facility situated in the heart of Merthyr Tydfil, providing high quality, accessible further education pathways right on your doorstep! We will provide your son/daughter with:

  • Local access to a wide range of relevant learning and training pathways
  • Comprehensive range of A Levels and post 16 vocational qualifications to choose from - delivered by experienced and well qualified teaching staff
  • First class student support and guidance
  • Challenging programme for high aspiring students, including Oxbridge and Cambridge visits and lectures
  • Fantastic programme of enrichment, social, enterprise and recreational activities, including competition sports, Duke of Edinburgh, Music Service, Global Enterprise Challenge, Healthcare Academy and much more!
  • Access to arrange of apprenticeships and trainee programmes all delivered in conjunction with local organisations such as EE. 
  • Excellent progression pathways to university and employment 

As a parent, how will you ensure that I can be involved in my son/daughter’s education?

 Like secondary schools, we welcome the involvement of parents and will work with you to ensure that your son/daughter achieves their maximum potential. The reason for this is that we know that the students who perform best are those who do three things:

  • Work hard
  • Are supported and taught by high quality and committed teachers
  • Are supported and encourage by parents

Therefore, we will ensure that you:

  • Play a full role in the partnership between your son/daughter and the college
  • Have an opportunity to come in at the beginning of term to meet your son’s/daughter’s tutors
  • Are informed straight away about any instances of non-attendance
  • Receive comprehensive, accurate and timely information from the college throughout the duration of their chosen course of study, including college newsletters
  • Receive progress reports on your son/daughter twice yearly
  • Attend a parents/carers evening twice yearly to discuss your son/daughter’s performance

What are the differences between studying A levels at the college as opposed to a secondary school?

In many ways school and college are very similar. Like school, there are rules and regulations that must be obeyed. Attendance for classes is compulsory and students are required to meet deadlines for submission of work. As in school, you will have the opportunity to attend twice yearly parents evenings and be kept informed of your son/daughter’s progress. Like in school, your son/daughter will have a personal tutor who will be there to provide advice, guidance and support throughout their time with us.

Students studying on our A level programmes are guaranteed 4 hours contact time with their tutor each week. This means that their tutor will be meeting with them 4 out of 5 days of the week.The key difference is that the college will encourage your son/daughter to undertake more independent study, which in turn will prepare them better for progression on to university or higher study.

What are the college's success rates?

The college offers a first class teaching and learning experience to all of our learners – something which is evident through our continually improving quality ratings and examination results.  Over the past year we achieved a 2% increase in learner success, completion and attainment rates - taking our overall success rates to 82%.

What financial support is available for my son/daughter?

There is student financial support and assistance available through a variety of funding and grants, including Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and the college’s Financial Contingency Fund. Your son/daughter will be given advice on how to apply to these funds when they apply to us. For up to date information, click here to view our Student Finance information pages.

Do I still get child benefit if my son/daughter is at college?

Yes, the parent or carer of any child under 18 can continue to receive child benefit whilst the child remains in full-time education.

What do students need to buy for their courses?

Equipment varies by course. Details of any materials, uniform, tools etc required for the course will be given when your son/daughter applies to us. Financial assistance may be available with the purchase of kit required.

What extra-curricular opportunities are available in terms of sport, clubs and other activities?

Your son/daughter will have the opportunity to take part in many sporting activities, clubs, educational trips abroad, enterprise challenges, fundraising and volunteering and other events which run as part of our Excel Enrichment Programme. Your son/daughter will have an opportunity to find out about these activities as part of our Freshers' Fair for new students held in September at the start of term.  Your son/daughter will also have the opportunity to put their name forward to join our Learner Assembly or become a Course Rep.

In addition, all courses will also have their own individual trips and events, linked to projects and coursework which are designed to be enjoyable and rewarding as well as informative.

The college is so big, how will you ensure that my son/daughter is supported like they are in school?

The college has a very caring culture and our staff are committed to ensuring that all of our students receive the right level of care, support and guidance during their time with us. We have a designated one stop ‘Student Support’ department, situated on the ground floor. This provides a first point of contact for students to seek advice on any questions, queries, concerns they may have or any information they request. Click here for information on support

In addition, your son/daughter personal/course tutor who will act as a point of reference in all matters concerning their personal, social and academic welfare and subject areas they are studying. He/she will also help them with important issues such as study skills, career guidance, selecting university courses and health issues. They will meet with their personal tutor on a weekly basis.

My son/daughter has additional learning needs. Will they received the same level of support that they have at school?

We have a dedicated team of learning coaches who will work with your son/daughter to make sure that they get all the help and support, specialist advice and resources they need to do well in their course and achieve their very best.

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