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What is eduroam?

Eduroam is a service that allows members of the College and visitors to gain access to network services both on-site and at participating organisations globally using their logon credentials.  We provide network access with both the ‘home’ and ‘visited’ compliance so users from the College are able to seamlessly access Wi-Fi connections at other institutions, and visitors are able to access the College Wi-Fi while on-site.

How do I get access?

Click on the link to the configuration page and choose the correct install file.

Please remember that your username will be your college username with the following added :

  • for staff
  • for students

Example or

Also your password is your college password.


There is no specific requirement for intervention from the IT Support team.   The most common problem is in the formatting of the username that is requested, which will be the same as your E-mail address e.g.

  • For staff it is : 
  • For students it is: 

Your password will be your current network password.

All users are governed by the JANET Roaming Policy, and also the College IT Acceptable Use Policy.  If you have problems, please contact the IT support desk:

Visiting the College

People visiting the College should have completed the setup while at their home institution, which allows any problems to be rectified with the assistance of their home IT support department.  You should contact your home institution IT support department should you experience any problems whilst on-site, and also check on the status of the eduroam service at your institution.

Important documentation

  • eduroam policy ( by connecting to eduroam you are accepting the terms and conditions from the policy )
  • IT Acceptable Use Policy ( by connecting to eduroam you are accepting the terms and conditions from the policy )

Where can I use eduroam?

eduroam configuration

what you need to get connected to eduroam

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